Sunday, 28 June 2015

Newest Purchase

When I go shopping, I find anything over 25$ expensive. I don't like spending a lot of money for a singular objects, but as many of you know, sometimes we have to make exceptions.

I love music and I have played three instruments in my lifetime so far. I played the saxophone a few years ago, but I still remember a few scales, and I'm currently playing the guitar and bass.

I got my first instrument, which was a guitar, about four and a half years ago and I'm still in love with playing it. My first guitar was an acoustic guitar that was 3/4 the size of a regular guitar and I won't ever forget the day I first got it. My uncle came over, taught me a few chords and the rest was history.

The 3/4 sized guitar was my first acoustic guitar, after that I rented a full sized electric guitar and I ended up renting it for so long that it was payed off, therefore it was now mine. I had those two for the longest time until I traded in my 3/4 sized guitar for a full sized acoustic guitar which I still own today.

It's a Simon & Patrick Songsmith guitar; it projects a full, rich sound that I love and it plays really well.

Recently though, I traded my old electric guitar for a new one.

Before I had a Les Paul Epiphone guitar which was also really nice to play, but now I'm the proud owner of a Ibanez Gio RG.


(The difference in between the two pictures is that on the right, I added the whammy bar and turned it slightly so that the volume and tune knobs, plus the pickup switch, can be seen better.)

I absolutely love the guitar. The whammy bar is really neat, I didn't have one on my other guitar, so know I'm still trying to figure out the best way to play with it.

It was funny because my older cousin came by and he also plays the guitar, so I showed him mine and he liked playing it, he thought it was really cool. Apparently a few weeks later he sold his own guitar and bought himself an Ibanez guitar because he liked mine so much.

Something special about that type of Ibanez guitar is that the strings are locked in place. 

Right where the strings start to go down the neck of the guitar, that's where the lock is. I find it great because it locks the strings in, they don't move around as much as they would on a guitar without a lock, therefore it stays in tune a lot longer. I could go a week or so without touching the guitar and I could pick it up and play a song that's in tune.

Because the strings are locked at the top, I don't actually use the pegs at the top of the guitar to tune it, I use small and round pegs at the bottom of the stings. They're right behind the spring loaded tailpiece which holds the end of the strings to the body of the guitar.

I'm so excited to own it and to be able to play it, but I have to admit that I'm a little scared of tuning it and changing the strings later own because the tailpiece is spring loaded. I have to remember to balance that and only remove one string at a time.

Hopefully I'll get more comfortable with it after practicing a bit. Until then, I'll get my dad to help e with it.

Until next time!

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