Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Being Body Positive

Nowadays, if you ask people if they're happy with their weight, the majority of them will say no.

That's a problem.

Although everyone struggles with body images at times, I'm mostly going to be referring to girl clothing because I have more experience shopping in that section and I'm not all that sure as to how boys jeans sizes work.

While girls are striving to fit into those double 0's jeans, a study done in 2015 has proven that the average jeans size in America is 14.

The main goal in 2015 for girls is to have the perfect boobs and butt while still maintaining a slim body.

One of the biggest beauty icons ever known, Marilyn Monroe, had stretch marks. If we have stretch marks now, that's considered a bad thing,

I remember this one time when I was shopping, I overheard these two girls talking.

They were just chatting while looking through the clothing, but one girl stopped and said "Oh my god, this is so gross. I'm usually never this size, but I'll have to get this shirt in a large if I want it."

I left the store before they did, so I don't know if she got the shirt in the end.

Although I don't know what happened in the end, I do know that it's a problem.

We live in a society now we're the word "fat" is considered bad or as an insult and the size "large" is too big to be considered hot or sexy.

I'm fat.

I'm fat because I don't fit into society's view as a perfect body. I'm fat because I don't have a flat stomach or abs. I'm fat because the skin on my legs shake for a second longer than they should when I walk.

I'm fat because I don't have big boobs, hips and butt while having a small torso and legs.

Because I'm not someone's view of good-looking, I'm automatically fat.

Because of that, fat is now considered a derogatory word.

It's extremely difficult to be body positive when you only hear words that have evolved to be insults about yourself because you don't live up to someone else's standards.

Even though it seems like an impossible thing to do, we all have to start loving our bodies and being body positive.

If you wear jeans that are a size 10 and are self conscious about that, then rock those jeans! I bet you nothing else would look as amazing as those jeans do.

That goes for every single person out there who are unhappy with their jeans size.

Personally, I'm different sizes for jeans. I have jeans that are sizes 3,4,5,6 and 7. Those are five different sizes for jeans because they all have different cuts. If I try on a pair of jeans and I have to go a size up, I slowly became to accept that because I realized that different jeans will all for differently.

The same goes for shirts.

I have all sizes from small to extra-large because it all matters on the style of the shirt.

People seem to think that once you've been in one size for awhile, that's what your always supposed to be.

Of course you can lose or gain weight, but it doesn't matter if you bought a shirt that's a size small yesterday, you can buy a large today.

Sizes all depend on fits and how comfortable you feel in it.

You can't be body positive if you aren't comfortable in what you're wearing.

It's okay to not be 100% happy with your body right now, but you can build yourself up to the point of loving it.

If you think that you need to take different measures to feel better about your body, then so be it.

If you don't like something about your body, there's always a solution. If you don't like your hair, get it cut or dye it! You can use nail polish if you don't like your nails.

Do whatever it takes to make you, and you alone, happy with your body.

Saying that you like something about yourself does not make you vain. Even if you think it does, what's the bad part in that?

You're loving your body, the only one you'll ever have, and I don't think that that's a bad thing.

I can't remember where I saw or heard these words, but I would love to share them. Just know that they're not mine.

In the end, it doesn't matter what your body looks like. We all have the same goal: to love life to the fullest and die with no regrets. When we're gone, we aren't remembered by what our bodies looked like, but we're remembered by the things we do and the people we reached out to.

Those words helped me get through my low self-esteem and is still helping me everyday.

It's okay to not be happy with your weight, it's okay to have flaws, but you will come to love yourself. I can't say that it will be soon, but you will love yourself. It will happen.

I hope this might of have an impact on you guys as it did for me when I heard those words from before.

Until next time!

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