Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Weekend After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

I've wanted to write this for about five days now, but after spending those five days doing nothing, I finally got around to doing it!

It's not that I've been postponing this, it's more so I haven't been feeling up to doing it.

I got my wisdom teeth out Friday and the recovery is worse than what I thought it would be.

I don't remember much from the surgery itself, the only things I clearly remember was feeling as though the surgery lasted only 10 minutes when in reality it lasted almost an hour and the only thing I could feel was light scraping.

On the ride home, I had gauze in my mouth and could barely open my mouth, yet I still attempted to talk. Apparently I sounded like a kazoo and hasn't comprehendible at all, but that's about it.

The recovery, however, has been really slow.

I'm still on a diet of smoothie, pudding, applesauce, jello, scrambled eggs and pasta.

As a kid, that would seem as the almost idea diet, but when your older, you get sick of it fast and want whatever healthy food you can get.

There's almost nothing you can do during the recovery period.

Doctors want you to take it easy and not go back to a full schedule for 3-5 days after the surgery, they want you to take Advil or pain relievers of some sort every 6 hours immediately following the surgery for about a week and then there's the matter of dealing with the boredom.

Usually when I'm bored, I would read, do homework/get work done or watch movies.

Saturday, I didn't feel up to doing much. I felt as though if I read, I would forget everything I would've read and then I'd have to go back and read everything again, so I decided to watch Friends.

Sunday I was feeling better, so I read for a bit, went out to go watch my softball team practice that I was missing and enjoyed a family dinner for Mothers Day.

Monday I went to school for one period and then I went to a class for my WSI (Water Safety Instructor) course and I forgot to take my pain medication. It got really bad that I felt as though I could no longer talk and I had to go home early. As the result of that, my parents made me stay home today.

Today was pretty sad on my part.

I watched a whole season of Friends in one day.

I really don't know if I should be proud or ashamed of this, but at least I can say that I did something today.

So that's what happened to me four days after getting my wisdom teeth out.

If anyone has any stories, feel free to share them!

Until next time!

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