Monday, 18 May 2015

Getting My Life In Order For The Future

As I may have hinted in other blog posts, I'm still currently a student in school.

I've never really minded school before, I was always excited to learn about my favourite subjects (but admittedly I was never all that excited about math), I would be able to hang out with my friends all day and overall I became to learn as I grew up that I would be learning about the world I'm living in. 

How is that not amazing?

Recently, I've had to do a lot more thinking about school and my future.

I'm currently a student in a Francophone school, so all my classes are in French except for my English class. It's great to be in a Francophone school for the reason of keeping my French culture alive every day, but it's becoming more and more difficult.

My school offers classes from grades 7-12 and we're sitting at about 450 students, while my local English high school that offers classes from 10-12 is currently sitting at somewhere around 900 students. 

If I stay at the school I'm attending now, I might not be able to get the classes I want/need to take. If I change to the English school, I can get the classes I want/need, but it will be like starting all over again. I'll have to relearn the names of math terms and science terms in English and I won't know many of the other students.

With all of that being said, it's a pretty big decision, yet the answer is pretty obvious for me.

I've decided to switch to the English school. Change is great, yet even if I end up not liking it, I can always switch back to the French school.

In the end, I still have no idea what I want to do when I'm older. I know that I have no interest in science and that I love languages and cultures, but that's still a world of opportunity!

I still have a bit of time before university, but what happens if I still don't know what I want to do?

I'm trying my best to get my life in order, but does anyone ever have full control over their life? I'm terrified of making wrong decisions with my life, so I guess I'll take life as it comes.

Until next time!

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