Friday, 10 July 2015

Fashion Friday #1

I decided to start little segments on my blog in hopes of it having me post more often, and today shall be the debut of my first segment: Fashion Friday.

As I mentioned before on previous post Surfing (The Web For Sites That I Love), I'm absolutely loving the website Polyvore.

It's a website where you can create outfits, room designs, colour palettes for makeup and more. 

I love the website, I use it mainly for fashion myself, but I've been spending a lot of time on it.

Seeing how much time I've been spending on their and how many I've been creating, I thought that'd I'd share one with you guys every week or two weeks (depending how everything goes), therefore creating Fashion Friday!

The first outfit I want to share with you guys, I'm pretty sure it was the first set I created under my username, claireelizabeta, on Polyvore. 

I've only created my account 10 days ago, but I already have about 20+ sets made and I have to say that my first one is still one of my top favourites.

Finally, here's the outfit:

Dress - Tommy Hilfiger floral summer dress
Sandals - Monsoon ankle strap sandals
Earrings - Kendra Scott mother of pearl earrings
Bracelets - Liz Claiborne bangle set
White dresses are one of the trends for this summer, so I decided to stick with that.

I love the light pink accent colour. Light pink is a colour that I don't wear all that often myself, but I love it with this dress because it keeps it light and fun

I chose gold accessories simply because I prefer gold accessories over silver ones.

The colours go so well together (then again, what doesn't go with white?), and I love how the look basically says summer when you look at it.

It's one that I would definitely buy in a heartbeat and I would give the light pink a go! 

The only thing I could wish about this outfit is to have the money to buy it.

If you like that outfit, feel free to check out some of my other sets that I've created HERE.

Until next time!

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